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Casa Jurjo

Environment and Activities

Mazaricos is a municipality purely livestock, so its landscape configuration is made up of a green mantle that covers an infinity of meadows and soft mountains. All this is what can be contemplated from Casa Jurjo.

Its agricultural dedication causes that this municipality is free of contamination, reason why its rivers and mountains are an ideal place for the practice of the fishing and the hunting.

In the municipal capital, A Picota, we can enjoy in the summer periods its FREE outdoor pool and the recreational river area of ​​A Pontenova.

Other places of interest, with a maximum displacement of 8 minutes are Mount Aro, with splendid views, the reservoir of A Fervenza, the banks of the River Beba with large meadows full of fauna.

In 20 minutes we can travel to the dehesa da Anllares, a reserve of great ecological value, the top of As Paxareiras, with breathtaking views of Carnota beach, Monte Pindo, considered the Celtic Olympus or any point of the Muros-Noia estuary the one of The Coast of the Death.
Finisterre Way. Olveiroa. Muxia Way

Finisterre - Muxia Way

The Fisterra-Muxía way is the only route that begins in Compostela.

Though the Way as we know it ends in the city of Santiago, pilgrimage is not over in Compostela. Since ancient times all nations and travellers who came to this western corner of Europe felt the need to follow the sun and reach this land’s end in order to see the immensity of infinity and the sun sinking into the ocean. In the beginning some pilgrims decided to continue their pilgrimage to the coast (Costa da Morte), the end of the world knowm till then and making the last stretch of their trip a route marked by the Milky Way.

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